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We’ve established Essential Steam, a company to design, construct
and operate steam rooms and bathhouses, tailored for
the Steamology experience.

Steamology traces its history to 2005 when a group of enthusiasts from Russia has started developing protocols for traditional treatment in Russian banya, incorporating various methods from other cultures and applying modern knowledge of physiology and psychology to the process. In 2012, we started exploring and providing workshops on group treatments in different settings and cultures, from Sweden to the USA, to Eastern Europe. In 2016 our first steam room was open in California, and we started teaching the method in 2017.

What Makes Us Unique

01 Perfect steam & microclimate

  • Unlike the standard sauna or hammam, our steamrooms are designed to provide perfect, lasting experience for the guests
  • To achieve this, we develop and deploy special stoves and steam generators for steamrooms, and engineering package for all wet facilities
  • The internal layout of a steamroom is as important: our steamrooms are tailored for individual and collective treatments, in conjunction with treatment protocols we have developed

02 Perfect mastery of design

  • We specialize in indoor/outdoor organic designs, bringing together materials, lighting, and layouts
  • We accumulated knowledge in making facilities as beautiful, as they are easy and safe to maintain

03 Perfect treatment

  • It is the steammaster who turns the facility into magical place, and we provide our clients with knowledgeable, skilled, ethical professionals
  • We provide specific treatment protocols and tailored supplies (herbs, aromas, parafernalia), exactly matching the type of steamrooms and lounges we build


We offer a full range of services from feasibility studies & concept development, thermal equipment & facilities design, hiring & training, to full management operations. We work with both new build and renovation/reposition projects, always striving to create a triunity of perfect space, ambience and mastery, as simple as practicable.

Project services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept & Experience Design
  • Facilities Design & Technical Oversight
  • FF&E and OS&E Selections & Procurement
  • Standard Operating Procedures & Protocols
  • Recruit, Hire & Train Management Team & Practitioners

Operational services

We manage spas, banyas & bathhouses either as a white
label operator or under our new Steamology
Bathhouse brand (under development)

  • Oversee Team & Full Operation, Ongoing Training
  • Oversee Facilities & Ensure Standards
  • Oversee Guest Experience & Ensure Standards

Our team


Alexander Baybarin

Founder & Partner
in Steamology

1 A professional steam-master with an unprecedented expertise in a wide range of steam-healing and transformational practises

Boris Ryabov

Founder & Partner
in Steamology

An angel investor with a deep understanding and extensive international experience in investment and corporate management.

James Larkin

CEO Steamology

An internationally known engineer, inventor and architect whose unique design projects of steam-saunas, SPA and retreat centres have been built in Russia, Belarus, UK and US

Cameron Clair

CEO Steamology
Operational Company

Wellness hospitality professional with 12+ years of experience in creating, managing and developing unique hospitality and spa centres in US and UK

Alina Ryabova

Partner in Steamology

An experienced project manager and curator of large-scale cultural, architectural, technological events and exhibitions.

Zac Cirivello

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